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Product name: Librex
Document Capture and Management System

Product name: CorpoBack
Enterprise Backup System

Product name: Nucleo
Enterprise Resource Planning System

Product name: Service
Network Management and Equipment Maintenance


Master Your Documents

Your content and your documents are at the center of your business processes and are key to the productivity of your organization.

Librex allows you to capture your documents, extract their metadata automatically and consult them. Using our smart conenctors, you can also transfer them to an external system in an effective way.

Take back control of your documents.

Master Your Business

Getting the right information at the right time is essential to taking the right business decisions. Doing this simply is essential to your success and profitability.

Nucleo allows you to manage all of the business functions of your organization. CorpoBack gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your data is secured.

Our service departement allows you to optimize your IT infrastructure.

About Us

We believe technologies should be easy to use.

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We believe in building products that allow our customers to grow and succeed.

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