You have documents at the center of most business processes within your organization.

Letting them sleep in a box or on a network folder will take away a lot of the business value from those documents.

With Librex, you can get an instant access to every document of your organization and be able to serve your customers better and quickly.

Librex can be used as a stand-alone application where your documents are stored and consulted, or it can be used as a capture bridge to another content management system or to your ERP system.


Librex Document Management


Librex Document Management solution allows you to store, search, consult and share all of the documents within your organization. All document capture functionalities are also available with Librex Document Management.

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Librex Document Capture

librex - capture tools

Librex allows capturing documents from multiple sources including scanning, fax reception, virtual printers, web services and manual or automatic file importation. Then, it allows to automatically extract metadata (OCR, OMR, barcode, Java scripts) from  your documents.

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Librex Smart Connectors


Librex capture functionalities can be used as a bridge to another system, for example to ECM systems like SharePoint, Alfresco, Docutheque, IntelliGID, SyGED or Ultima, or to any other ECM or ERP systems like Clara or COBA, or to a simple network folder. Librex offers different connecting options for systems requiring a robust and complete capture tool.

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Case Studies and Examples

We invite you to download the following document if you'd like to learn more about different Librex use cases and to understand some of the benefits that our customers have gained by using Librex: Examples of How Librex Can Be Used


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