Librex Capture for Alfresco

Librex is the perfect scan and capture tool for Alfresco. You'll benefit from it's text extraction (OCR / OMR), barcode and data lookup extraction tools to extract metadata and optimize the capture process in Alfresco. Importing your paper documents, faxes, virtual prints, online forms, emails, Office documents and other types of electronic documents is quick and effective.

Librex offers an advanced integration with Alfresco and has capabilities for automatic creation of the folders hierarchy, dynamic assignment of properties and aspects, naming policies, versioning configuration and auditing. You may define configure any business rules to decide how your documents should be assigned through your whole repository structure. For more information, you may download the Librex Capture for Alfresco overview document.

To get a good overview of how Librex can be used as a capture tool for Alfresco, we invite you to visit our YouTube Corium channel at:

You may also look at this Case Study to see a real life scenario of how Librex Capture for Alfresco is used at one of our customer’s site.

If you would like to learn more about the best principles to stay in control of your Alfresco content, we also invite you to download our Corium white paper "Take Back Control of Your Alfresco Content"

  librex - scan and capture for alfresco
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