Librex Capture for SharePoint

Librex is the perfect scan and capture tool for SharePoint. You'll benefit from its text extraction (OCR / OMR), barcode and data lookup tools to extract metadata and optimize the capture process in SharePoint. Importing your paper documents, faxes, virtual prints, online forms, emails, Office documents and other types of electronic documents is quick and effective.

Instead of manually importing all your documents in SharePoint, you may use Librex as a Capture bridge to automatically create all your SharePoint folders hierarchy, assign your metadata at the right level of your folders and documents and centralize all your scanning and capture operations.

Our SharePoint connector supports versions 2007, 2010 and 2013 of SharePoint, and supports Online (Cloud) and On-Premise installations.

For more information on using Librex as a capture tool for SharePoint, we invite you to download the following overview document: Librex Capture for SharePoint

We also invite you to look at our "Librex Capture for SharePoint" video demonstrations on YouTube (Tip: Select: 1080pHD as video quality):

If you would like to learn more about the best principles to stay in control of your SharePoint content, we also invite you to download our Corium white paper "Take Back Control of Your SharePoint Content"

  librex - scan and capture for sharepoint
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