Librex Capture for Ultima (GCI)

Librex is the perfect scan and capture tool for Ultima. You'll benefit from its text extraction (OCR / OMR), barcode and data lookup tools to extract metadata, accelerate and enhance the scanning and capture processes in Ultima. Importing your paper documents, faxes, virtual prints, online forms, emails, Office documents, and other types of electronic documents is quick and effective.

Instead of manually importing all your documents in Ultima, you may use Librex as a Capture bridge to automatically create all your Ultima folders, assign your metadata at the right level of folders and documents and centralize all your scanning and capture operations. Librex will distribute your documents to the right folders.

Ultima is a great tool. With Librex, you'll maximize its impact and get a direct access to all your documents in-context and from a few mouse clicks.

Librex will also audit the scanning and capture processes and will give a better legal value to your documents.

  librex - scan and capture for ultima
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