Librex Capture Bridge / Smart Connectors

If you already use an ECM or ERP system that lacks a good scanning and unified capture tool, you can use Librex as a capture bridge to your system.

For more information on using Librex as a capture bridge for your ECM system, we invite you to download the following overview document: Librex - Capture Bridge

If one of the current connectors doesn’t meet the full requirements of your specific solution, we can quickly create one for you. Based on our controller infrastructure, we can easily connect to your web services, APIs or any other technique that you would have to add documents to your system. We invite you to contact us to discuss your full requirements.

Librex already offers specific connectors to the following systems (click on link for more details about each smart connector) :

Librex Capture For Alfresco

Librex Capture For Clara (By Skytech Communications)

Librex Capture For COBA (By Coba.CA)

Librex Capture For Docutheque (By Irosoft)

Librex Capture For Constellio (IntelliGID)

Librex Capture For Network Folders


Librex Capture For SharePoint

Librex Capture For SyGED (By PG Solutions)

Librex Capture For Ultima (By GCI)


  Librex Scan and Capture Bridge
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