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Corium is dedicated to building and providing you with the best solutions for your data capture, content management and enterprise resource planning business requirements.

Using an agile development approach and quickly integrating customer requirements within our products allow us to build products that fit to real-life business needs.

We invite you to discover in more details our different products and services.

Librex – Document Capture and Management System

logo-librexLibrex allows capturing documents from multiple sources including scanning, fax reception, virtual printers, web services and manual or automatic file importation. Then, it allows to automatically index (OCR, barcode, Java scripts) the documents and store them for consultation and collaboration. Its smart connectors allow you to trasnfer your document to various systems.

With Librex, you will get a lot of value out of your business documents!

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Nucleo – Enterprise Resource Planning System

logo-nucleoNucleo is an integrated system that allows you to manage all your business functions. Its broad functionalities and advanced management capacities allow you to get a complete 360 degrees view of the data in your organization and to react accordingly.

With Nucleo, take the right business decisions at the right time!

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CorpoBack – Enterprise Backup System

logo-corpobackCorpoBack allows you to backup all of the computers from your Windows network, including the servers, Head Office PCs, Branch Offices PCs and laptop computers. CorpoBack is using the last Microsoft technologies and allows you to centralize all of your backup requirements.

With CorpoBack, you will have a simple and complete recovery plan!

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